School Board

Every year Royal House School provides a wide range of activities designed to educate, promote positive attitudes and develop social skills.



- Educational trips - Egyptian National Museum, Citadel, 6th of October Panorama, Pharaonic Village
- “Dream Park” - fun, fun and more fun!
- “Fagnoon Village” - where students get to explore their creative side with a variety of arts and crafts
- “Crazy Water Park”– swimming is so much fun! And much more!

Royal House Language School also organizes annual parent/student trips. These trips strengthen the PARENT-STUDENT-SCHOOL link and create a real community amongst
Royal House Language Schoo families.

- Sharm El Sheikh- was a wonderful trip that lasted for 4 days at a comfortable, child - friendly hotel

Our Staff organized a range of exciting and entertaining activities suitable for the whole family. It was a blast!

Annual Graduation Party

Royal House’s annual graduation ceremony is intended for students to recognize their great achievement and to celebrate amongst family and friends with great pride and hopes for future academic success. It truly is a monumental moment. Previous graduation ceremonies have been held at:
- Mubarak Cultural Center - Cataract Pyramids Hotel



Our scouts program promotes great camaraderie amongst its members and really inspires school spirit! Every year the Scouts, supervised by our P.E teachers, host a great “camp out” on school grounds. Members spend the night in tents and participate in a number of activities and games. It’s great fun for everyone!


Community Outreach

Royal House encourages students to be responsible, informed and connected with their community. Every Ramadan and during the month of April students participate in a variety of charitable events for local orphanages.

- Fundraising and donations for local orphanages
- Ramadan breakfast with orphans
- Fun Day at Royal House
- Orphans are invited to Royal House School to spend a day enjoying arts and crafts, horseback riding and a variety of sports activities.


Sports Festival

During Royal House’s annual “Sports Carnival” students, family and friends enjoy a day of music and fun filled with activities such as:

- Marathon
- Bicycle races
- Football matches
- Swimming
- Shows & demonstrations in Karate, Kung fu, Ballet, Gymnastics & Folkloric dances
- Games & Competitions
- Arts & Crafts
- Bazzar


Religious Events

- Holy Quran Recital – Kindergarten students recite verses from the Holy Quran. This emotional event has been prepared and supervised by our Religion teacher.
- Pilgrimage – before the greater Bairam the upper stages students perform a pilgrimage to Mecca prepared by our Arabic supervisor and Religion teacher (sheikh).